Need Help Feeding Your Baby?

Breastfeeding is both an art and a skill and should be encouraged for as long as mutually agreeable by both mother and infant.

Human milk provides unparalleled nutrition to infants in the early stages of life. WHO/UNICEF recommends exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of life, with the introduction of complementary foods at the age of six months.

Milk Supply Noosa can individually tailor breastfeeding and infant feeding plans from pregnancy to weaning.

Whether you’d like to best prepare yourself prior to the arrival of your little one, are returning to work, pumping, struggling with too little or too much milk, querying a tongue tie, experiencing breast or nipple pain, experiencing mastitis or plugged ducts, are ready to stop breastfeeding, are wanting to introduce solids or a bottle, are wanting to start breastfeeding again, are wanting to breastfeed an adopted baby, Milk Supply Noosa would be honoured to walk alongside you on your journey.

Milk Supply Noosa also offers weight and length check-ups, breastfeeding aids such as supply lines and nipple shields, gift certificates for baby shower gifts and a breast pump rental service.

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